Splash at USC is a day-long event of limitless learning put on by the Splash SC club.  We bring high school students from South L.A. to USC’s campus to engage with dedicated and passionate undergraduate teachers.  Our teachers create classes based on their interests, which can range from monopoly strategy to quantum mechanics. In the course of a single day, Splash students take a wide variety of conventional and nonconventional classes.

Our goal is to provide an escape from the structure of a standard school curriculum.  Students are empowered to take control of their own education by choosing classes that spark their interest and instill them with a love of learning.

Teaching at Splash is a one of a kind experience.  As a Splash teacher, you have the creative freedom to design a class based on your passions (your major, hobbies, etc.).  Every aspect of the learning experience is in your hands. Through workshops and meetings leading up to each Splash, you receive teacher training and lesson plans to engage and excite students in our community.

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