Teaching at Splash is a one of a kind experience.  As a Splash teacher, you have the creative freedom to design a class based on your passions (your major, hobbies, etc.).  Every aspect of the learning experience is in your hands.  You can give a lecture, lead a discussion, teach a skill, or run an activity.  The class size, location, and duration of your class is all up to you.  Once the class is formulated, you will be able to share it with eager and curious high school students. 

What can I teach at Splash?

Anything! You can teach a class on anything and everything you want.  As long as the class doesn’t endanger our students and is appropriate for high schoolers, we are open to anything! Classes taught at Splashes across the country have included differential equations, 18th century literature, pottery, and monopoly strategy.  To get a better idea of the types of classes offered at Splash (and maybe get inspired), take a look at our Spring 2017 course catalog.


What is the time commitment?

Teaching and participating in Splash is a fairly small time commitment.  All we ask our teachers to commit to is participating in a one hour training and coming to our event.  If you are looking to get more involved, we offer monthly teaching workshops.  In these workshops, we help our teachers create lesson plans, work on speaking to larger groups of people, and learn how to integrate demos into their lessons. There are also lots of opportunities to get involved with the Splash Admin team.  If you have any questions contact our Teacher Recruitment Coordinator, Angeline Pan.

How can I get involved?

Teacher registration for our Fall 2018 program is now open! Click here to be redirected to our teacher portal, where you can make an account and register your class. Join our email list to stay up to date on our year-round events and for information on how to sign up to teach. Like us on Facebook for more information on what our team is up to.